Hands on Azores Crafts

Hands on is a project for the creation of routes and artisanal experiences to promote activities and short workshops, offering to promote the handicraft production units of the Azores and putting the public in direct contact with the know-how and unique techniques of regional identity.

More than 100 workshops from different artisanal areas spread over nine islands are part of the itineraries. To find a workshop to visit, simply look for the signage. Whether you are organizing your trip, vacation, work, or an event, whether you are a small or larger group, you can choose an Azorean Craft experience and enjoy the islands, challenging your creativity and learning techniques and traditional knowledge from local artisans.


TIPO Um Encontro de Impressores Tipográficos
TIPO is a road map that will take the participants on a trip that will cover some of the island's reference sites of the typographic activity, from the one where traditional typography is still correctly used, to the one of(...)
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Elga Martin
Elga Martin is a teacher specializing in visual arts and has developed the art of modeling and engrave paper, performing various artistic workshops for children and exhibitions with the works from there. She participated in several competitions on the theme(...)
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Casa Da Mata
Maria Silveira produces handicrafts using vegetal fibers as raw materials. She creates flowers with bulrush, tabua, dragon tree leaf and corn leaf, sometimes dyed or in its natural color, giving a very unique touch in her compositions, being decorative pieces(...)
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Dinis Batista
Dinis Baptist dedicates himself to the manufacture of Azorean ethnographic miniatures, linked to various traditional arts and crafts and to the rural life. There are the clogs, the “fiadeira”, the press, the oxcart, among others, made with great detail and(...)
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Rui Rodrigues
Rui Rodrigues was born into a family of potters and currently he not only creates figurines in pottery, especially ethnographic representations of ancient crafts, as well as household miniature pieces, typical of Vila Franca do Campo.   Opening Hours: Monday(...)
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Anne Bruyere
Her connection with nature and, mainly, with plants, led Anne Bruyere to work, exclusively, in the production of paper from plants. She produces various types of paper, using, only, vegetable fibers such as vegetables, tree leaves, wild plants, tree barks(...)
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Maria José Damião
Maria José Damião dedicates herself to painting decorative pieces in porcelain, especially in miniatures, using exquisite floral motifs full of detail.   Opening Hours: Service by appointment. Address: Rua de São Gonçalo, Nº84 9500-110 Ponta Delgada (Map) Phone: 296701240/962627353 Produtos: Vases,(...)
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