Born in Porto and resident in São Miguel, the self-taught Ondina Vieira started with her costume jewelry works with volcanic stone in 2008. Being an arts and crafts lover, she decided to use raw materials of the region in contemporary feminine adornments, creating the trademark InnOVare-artesanato.
The works of Ondina Vieira gather various natural materials and local traditions, being the volcanic rock the main element.
Her costume jewelry with the so called “noble” materials of the Azores – basalt, volcanic slag and sand-, opened new horizons that with the mixture of other materials, silver metal wire, copper or brass, are transformed into exquisite handicrafts.


Opening Hours: March to September – Monday to Friday 9am-2pm/5pm-8pm Saturday 9h-13h/17h-20h / October to February Monday to Friday 9am-2pm/5pm-8pm Saturday 9h-13h

Address: Largo de São João nº18

9500-106 Ponta Delgada (Map)

Phone: 912051628 / 965203478

Email: [email protected]


Products: Rings, necklaces, earrings, cuff links, among others.