Anne Bruyere

Her connection with nature and, mainly, with plants, led Anne Bruyere to work, exclusively, in the production of paper from plants.

She produces various types of paper, using, only, vegetable fibers such as vegetables, tree leaves, wild plants, tree barks and algae, among others. Sometimes she prints graphic designs on the paper, creating decoration objects.


Address 01: Rua da Avenida, 17, Faial da Terra

9650-107 Povoação (Map)

Opening hours: Only by appointment

Contact: 296 586 001 / 966252982

Email: [email protected]


Address 02: Rua da Água, n 48

Ponta Delgada (Map)

Opening hours: Wednesday to Friday. From 10am to 7pm

Contact: 296 586 001 / 966252982

Email: [email protected]


Products: Paper production with vegetable fibers.