Eduarda Melo

Eduarda Melo dedicates herself to the production of weaving, particularly quilts woven in linen or cotton with geometric designs that stylizes traditional decorative motifs.
It was on the island of São Jorge, from the 16th century, that was created the famous bedspreads in “ponto alto” (high point), which favors the geometric motifs and natural or gaudy colors, typical of the Azorean folklore, which continues to be executed currently by the artisan.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 1pm to 6pm

Address: Caminho Velho – Beira, S/N

9800-501 Velas (Map)

Phone: 295438369/914108389

Email: [email protected]

Products: Quilts, blankets; handles, placemats, carpets, cushions, bags, among other fashion/home products.