A Avó Veio Trabalhar aos Açores

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The Vice-Presidency of the Government, through the Regional Center for Handicrafts (CRAA) and in collaboration with Lagoa City Council, implemented the project “A Avó veio trabalhar aos Açores” (The grandmother came to work in the Azores).

This initiative was developed through a partnership with the project “A Avó veio trabalhar”, created four years ago, in Lisbon, in the area of the development of handicrafts with the senior public.

It is a project of learning, sharing and empowerment, which, through traditional crafts and responsible design, increases the capacity for seniors to intervene in society.

This initiative in São Miguel, under the guidance of the co-founder Susana António, aims to explore intergenerational dynamics, design and senior affirmation through handicrafts.

The objective is to create a working group with artisans and seniors from Day Centers, who will work at the Azores Craftlab’s ‘Cowork’, which will function as a creative laboratory for products, workshops, exhibitions, commercialization of the pieces produced and exchanges.

The project “A Avó veio trabalhar aos Açores” includes a series of participatory and intergenerational activities, through which a greater understanding and respect between young and older people is promoted, contributing to the construction of more cohesive and sustainable communities.

With the implementation of this project, CRAA intends to reinforce the actions of transmitting the know-how of traditional crafts in a perspective of contributing to the continuity and innovation of the sector, through the registration and training of new artisans.

“A Avó veio trabalhar aos Açores”, contributed not only to enhance and promote local identity, to safeguard and enhance traditional knowledge and crafts, but also to promote the production and commercialization of innovative pieces using traditional techniques.