Narciso Lopes

Narciso Lopes carries on his craft of carpenter and joiner, for almost 40 years, creating and restoring various craft items, using regional woods like acacia, cryptomeria, cedar from Buçaco, plathymenia, eucalyptus, pine and rosebush.
He began his craft activity not only manufacturing pieces of furniture, but also manufacturing small toys, namely spinning tops and cars, and miniatures related to agricultural tools and local traditions and customs.
Later, he began to devote himself to carpentry, cooperage and restoration of antique pieces, such as the so appreciated shrines because of the huge demand from the owners of these magnificent pieces.

Opening Hours: Friday to Monday from 9am to 7pm

Address: Canada do Tenente, 4, Quatro Ribeiras

9760-351 Praia da Vitória (Map)

Phone: 295908151/919000259

Email: [email protected]


Products: Restoration of wood pieces, ethnographic miniatures, vases, toys, traditional clogs, cellars, wood barrels, custom furniture, other decorative and utilitarian pieces.