Fair Regulations

  1. CRAA will take into account, the selection of candidates, the characteristics, quality and quantity of the handicraft pieces, guaranteeing the exhibition / sale, as well as live work;
  1. CRAA reserves the right to exclude applications;
  1. The artisanal products that you intend to exhibit and sell must necessarily be of your production and be related to the activities in which they are recognized (registered in the respective Chart);
  1. It is the responsibility of the Organization to evaluate exceptional cases and to evaluate each exhibitor, the interest and nature of the objects to be exhibited, objectifying the dignity and prestige of the event, taking precautionary measures that are appropriate;
  1. It is up to the Organization of the Fair to distribute the selected artisans by the spaces;
  1. You will not be allowed to glue, paint, nail or drill the walls of the stands;
  1. The stands are supplied with electricity and support equipment (exhibitors, chairs), taking into account the availability of material in stock;
  1. Each participant must be at the fair site between the established hours of the assembly day , the day before the opening;
  1. It is the participant’s duty to be at the stand 15 minutes before the opening of the event;
  1. Successive delays and / or absences may cause CRAA to suspend the participation;
  1. The prices of the products are the responsibility of each exhibitor, and must be placed in all the pieces in a visible place;
  1. The participants must wear the badge, provided by CRAA, whenever they are in the Fair;
  1. CRAA provides a badge for a chaperone and it should ensure the stand in the absences of the artisan and during meals;
  1. It is the responsibility of the participants to maintain the stand and its equipment;
  1. The stands cannot be exchanged or transferred to third parties;
  1. It is the responsibility of the participants to transport people and materials;
  1. The Vice-presidency of the Government, Employment and Business Competitiveness and the Regional Center for Handicrafts are not responsible for any personal or material damages;
  1. The organization reserves the right to exclude participants who exhibit abusive and inappropriate behavior, also leading to non-selection in future events;
  1. It is the artisan’s obligation to comply with tax obligations;
  1. Failure to comply with what is stipulated in the regulation, may lead to the exclusion of the participant in the event;
  1. There will be a CRAA secretariat for attendance and follow-up;
  1. The doubts and omissions in this regulation will be solved by CRAA;
  1. CRAA decision cannot be appealed;