Eduardo Manuel Moreira Borges Câmara

Eduardo Câmara is a multifaceted craftsman who creates Azorean handicraft pieces connected to religious-popular themes. In addition to the production of “Registos do Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres”, Eduardo Câmara also creates its own figurative ceramics for traditional nativity scenes and “Lapinha” Christmas Cribs, which makes his products certified and considered as representative of the regional handicraft.
Ceramic Figurines, “Lapinhas” and “Registos” certified by the brand “Artesanato dos Açores” (Handicraft of the Azores).

Opening Hours: Service by appointment.

Address: Canada da Belavista, 20, Rabo de Peixe

9600-149 Ribeira Grande ((Map)

Phone: 962806199


Products: Figurative Ceramics, “Lapinha” Christmas Cribs figurines, “Lapinha” Christmas Cribs, “Registos” of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, rosaries and “dezenas” with Kahili Ginger seeds.