Other Arts and Crafts Not Certified

The Azores have a wealth of handmade creations both linked to specific economic activities such as the popular art and the imagination. In fact, are many and varied works of interest and quality produced by our artisans. In the midst of a variety of techniques and materials used, it’s elevated the authenticity in which they work and reflects their way of being and living.

The arts of working stone, such as ashlar and sculpture and the art of working wood, carving, ivory or whalebone are demanding activities, and clearly evident in our islands.

More delicate and feminine are the techniques applied to the gold embroidery, associated mainly to the major religious festivities of the Azores, the Patchwork works, from rural and popular origin, or the rag dolls that reproduce the typical attires of the Azorean people.

With more contemporary character and without traditional roots we found artisanal production of tin, fashion accessories, the thermoformed glass, sophisticated jewelry pieces and various other products materialized from a variety of natural or synthetic materials.