Flora Azorica Saboaria Artesanal – Susana Benevides

Island of São Miguel | Virtual Incubation

Flora Azorica – Artisanal Soap was born from the desire to combine cosmetics with the best that the Azores has to offer.

Susana Benevides, creator and promoter of Flora Azorica, started making soap and other cosmetic products about 8 years ago. It integrates the international guild Soapmaking Natural Ingredients and within the scope of this guild, she has had the privilege to contact closely with the best and latest techniques of soap making worldwide, learning and debating with specialists in the area, in a process of continuous training.

In the manufacture of her soap, Susana Benevides always gives priority to the local raw material supplied by small producers, and uses it both in the ingredients (give examples) and in their aromatization or essence (give examples). This is how she ensures a soap of superior quality and that distinguishes itself by the results. The sustainability of the products is another of the principles that Flora Azorica conducts itself. All soap production is designed and developed in a way that does not harm the environment. Natural resources and all raw materials are used intelligently and the packaging is made of biodegradable or recyclable materials, to conserve the soap, creating as little waste as possible. The knowledge of her ancestors is at the root of many of the formulations of Flora Azorica’s soap. Susana believes that tradition and culture must be preserved and shared. She also believes that Nature offers everything we need to feel good and in harmony with the planet.

Incubation period: March 1, 2018 to February 28, 2021