Residência Criativa 2018

01 Jan - 31 Dec

This residence in particular, aimed at the innovation and repositioning of S. Jorge in the weaving market, valuing an artisanal production of quality and certified origin, since the year 2001 and, as such, an integral part of a cultural heritage to be preserved.

CRAA invited the textile designer Paula Caria, with work recognized nationally and internationally, having developed several fashion collections with As Capuchinhas, a Handicraft Cooperative that is dedicated to the work in burel.

Paula Caria worked with the artisans of the Handicraft Cooperative of Senhora da Encarnação, betting on the creation, quality, diversification and differentiation of some of the most relevant Azorean weaving products.

It is through projects like this that the credibility of the arts and crafts is achieved, as a platform for affirmation of identity and culture, with measures that improve the skills of artisans and promote the development of regional handicrafts, underlining the importance they must assume in the development of the economy and tourism.


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