“Artesanato dos Açores” promoted in Canada

The brand “Artesanato dos Açores” is being promoted in the program “Azores em Destaque”, broadcast on the television channel Correio da Manhã Canadá (CMCTV), to an audience of half a million Portuguese people living in this country.

The inclusion of “Artesanato dos Açores” in the new season of “Azores em Destaque” is the result of a partnership between the Regional Secretariat for Youth, Professional Qualification and Employment, through the Centro de Artesanato e Design dos Açores (CADA), and CMCTV, with the goal of promoting the most genuine productions from each of the nine islands in the Region and certified by the brand “Artesanato dos Açores”.

Throughout 26 programs, the stories of 26 artisans are revealed, of 26 traditional activities and identity of the Azorean culture such as embroideries, ceramics, wicker basketry, fish scales or weaving, of 26 Artisanal Production Units, who make pieces of exceptional historical and cultural value such as the Viola da Terra, Registos of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, Lapinha Nativity Scenes, Wooden Locks and Wool Berets of Corvo.

“Azores em Destaque” is broadcasted on Sundays, in prime time, after CMCTV’s “Jornal da Noite Canadá” and at 11:00 am, on City TV, and can also be watched online on CMCTV Canada’s Facebook.

In each program, a piece is also dedicated to the brand “Marca Açores”.

The joint production CADA/CMCTV Canada will allow the video broadcasts in each program available on the new Artesanato dos Açores digital platform, which should be completed by the end of the year and which will be a fundamental instrument in the digital transition and in opening new communication channels and consequent expansion of knowledge, promotion and appreciation of traditional Azorean arts and crafts.

The brand “Artesanato dos Açores” has 115 Artisanal Production Units with the certification seal and an exclusive exhibition, promotion and commercialization space at Azores in a Box, in Portas do Mar, in Ponta Delgada.