Regional Sweets

Biscoitos de Orelha

From an historical and geographical point of view, the production of “Biscoitos de Orelha” is confined to Santa Maria, making it a reference product of the “Mariense” cuisine.

This biscuit was an usual presence in “Marienses” homes, on festive occasions, such as in the pig slaughter, weddings, festivities of the Holy Spirit and Christmas, occasion in which the tradition of the godfathers offering to their god-children the “Biscoito de Orelha”, of genuine shape, but with the particularity of presenting a much larger dimension than usual.
The molding of the “Biscoito de Orelha” of Santa Maria is exclusively manual and requires great skill, particularly in rolling the dough on the left hand fingers and cutting the “ears”, to give it the triangular, unique and characteristic shape, which only the eximious confectioners of Santa Maria are able to do.

S. Maria

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