Hora do Ofício


“Hora do Ofício” (Office Time) is a traineeship project of the Crafts and Design Center of the Azores, aiming at the promotion of the know-how in the Azorean handicraft activities and, at the same time, the increase of innovation and the creativity in the handicraft production.

Due to the need to protect and stimulate some traditional activities and techniques, nowadays facing a possible extinction, this project entrusts and supports the most skilled and talented artisans to teach the younger generation whom, in its own turn, will carry out the cultural legacy with better knowledge, with entrepreneurship, with an associative spirit and pedagogical aptitude.

In this context, the “Office Time” comprehends the implementation of workshops on all the islands in various types of crafts that value the raw materials of each island.

In order to keep up the innovation and quality of the product, to make it more contemporary and competitive in the market, this training project also includes vocational training in marketing, creative guidance and web communication.

The revitalization of some traditional trades, the qualification of our artisans and the consequent quality of the product are part of our policy to strengthen and dignify the craft sector, which is considered crucial not only from the cultural and heritage point of view but also the local economy and employment in the region.

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Veja os nossos vídeos tutorias do projeto Hora do Ofício em Casa.

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