Hand on Graciosa

Island of Graciosa
Graceful by name and demeanour, the flattest island of the Azores is known for its thermal spots, volcanic caves and windmills. Here, tradition is sweet and beautiful as its pastries and embroideries.



1. Start at Santa Cruz and go up to Rebentão, to a bakery called “Panificação A Tradição”, where you can taste wheat and corn bread, biscuits, cakes and the traditional confeito, all baked in a wood oven. (Mapa)

2. Go back to the ocean side and visit the Graciosa Island Artisans’ Association, at the Santa Cruz parish headquarters; using mostly white linen and the Richelieu and satin stitches, the beauty of the different and useful embroidered items praises the resilience and creativity of the women of the island. (Mapa)

3. Whether on foot (5,2 km/3,3 miles) or by car, the São Mateus “Queijadas da Graciosa” factory—besides the famous local pastry, you can find there delicious biscuits and cakes made with rice, cinnamon, sugar, etc.—gives you plenty of reason to linger. (Mapa)