Hands on Flores

Island of Flores

In Europe’s westernmost spot, the beauty of the landscape and the exuberance of the many waterfalls inspire the islands’ artisans to create a more modern expression using traditional materials.

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1. Upon arrival, or on any other day, stop awhile at the Santa Cruz airport and get to know the “Açorianices” shop and its minute and original miniatures depicting the architecture of the island, and of the archipelago. (Mapa)

2. At the centre of the village, architect and artist Marília Hipólito recreates ceramics by giving a new soul and infinite colours to tile panels, mugs, cups, coffee and tea sets, or trivets; tailor-made orders are also available. (Mapa)

3. After that, go up Pampilhal Street and admire the abundance of colour and texture of the textiles created by Maria da Conceição Ramos—she recreates tradition and love by weaving with rags, wool and cotton. (Mapa)

4. Farther up, you can find Jorge Cravinho’s workshop: this artisan builds miniatures, toys, furniture of immense detail and charm from wood, a very noble and traditional material. (Mapa)

5. At Cedros, visit artisans Johanna and Certon Kirsters who, with great skill and tradition, share with us the beauty of their crochet creations (earrings, purses, scarves) and wood painted with local scenes. (Mapa)

6. There is more than waterfalls on the southeast coast—at “Terra Mar Cooperative”, in Lajedo, listen to the strumming of the Azorean guitar, the thumping of the weaving loom and the silence of inspiration as artisans create unique pieces from hydrangea pit, textiles and bone. (Mapa)

7. Still in Lajedo, listen to Nature’s melody and the musical instruments built by José Serpa, composer and performer. The viola da terra or Azorean guitar is the main character in his workshop, seconded by the sound of other instruments, as the classic guitar or the violira. (Mapa)

8. End your tour by tasting the unforgettable fresh and matured cheeses of “Queijaria Pico Redondo”, in Fajãzinha… and enjoy Nature’s plenty to regain vigour. (Mapa)