Hands on Corvo

Island of Corvo
The handicrafts of the smallest island of all have got manifestations of originality and ingenuity like no other: they tell us how the people of Corvo found safety in wood and comfort in wool.


1. Here, you can find the mastery and creativity of Rosa Mendonça embodied in the lovely and warm caps and berets of Corvo, made of sheep’s wool, as well as other pieces made of wool and following a more modern design. Here you can also find Corvo’s unique wooden door locks. (Map)
2. At Maria Mendes workshop you can discover not just the blue and white of Corvo’s traditional wool berets and caps but also their geometric patterns decorating purses and handbags. Lace is equally important for this artisan, who learned it as a young woman and now creates beautiful items. (Map)