AZORLINHO | Culture and Transformation of Flax

Island of Terceira | Incubação Virtual

Azorlinho is a Social Entrepreneurship project that aims to recover the culture and transformation of the flax in the Azores and the commercialization of fibers and linen products 100% handmade.

This project aims to contribute to the participatory construction of local communities, economically, socially and culturally more sustainable, and aims to become a national reference for social entrepreneurship, promoting innovation, intergenerational transmission of knowledge and identity with the local. The project aims to produce handcrafted pieces (linen fiber, linen thread/flock, linen cloth, decorative objects, costume jewelry, clothing, etc.) and provide services such as: training (qualification and reconversion of unemployed people with low employability rate); promotion of active aging (intergenerational transmission of knowledge and experience in the linen cycle); research (examples: creation of a database associated with flax in the Azores, study case in social entrepreneurship – opportunity to investigate the social and economic impacts of this project, etc.); and a live museum.

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Incubation period: March 1, 2018 to February 28, 2021