Atelier de Sónia Pereira

Island of São Miguel | Physical Incubation of Companies

Sónia Pereira’s initial project consisted in the design, production and sale of innovative handbags due to their design, functionality and raw materials used. However, since she started her incubation at AZCL, the contact with a universe of materials and techniques of Azorean handicrafts has opened Sónia Pereira’s creative universe to other possibilities, allowing her project to evolve in other directions. Sónia Pereira’s creations are materialized in large-scale artistic and decorative elements that intend to celebrate, honor and enhance the space and the events that they integrate, often using the work of artisans and their ancestral techniques and using cryptomeria wood as raw material of choice. Sónia Pereira has combined her great creative capacity with her academic training in Interior Architecture. Her creations stand out for the way she embraces contemporaneity and tradition at the same time. Her games of shapes, techniques and colors are always worked according to the stories she intends to tell. The technical and artistic skills of its promoter and its training and professional curriculum stand out in this project.


Incubation period: September 1, 2020 to August 31, 2023