Rui César Teixeira

Rui César Teixeira dedicates himself to the production of replicas and models of boats and whaling boats to scale and fishes in various woods. This craftsman is one of the few that makes the typical wood stamps of São Jorge, which are used to mark the “eve of cakes” before distribution on the Sunday of Pentecost and Trinity, during the celebration of the Festivities of the Holy Spirit.
Rui Teixeira creates a huge variety of wood stamps made of cedar or beech wood, on which he carves the insignia of the Holy Spirit, with an enormous mastery.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 5.30pm

Address: São Mateus, S/N, Urzelina

9800-405 Velas (Map)

Phone: 295414324/914921267

Email: [email protected] 

Products: Toys, fish replicas, models of boats, whaling boats, wood stamps.