Rosa Mendonça

On the island of Corvo, two names are distinguished in handicrafts, the names of Inês and Rosa Mendonça, mother and daughter. Rosa Mendonça, who currently continue to execute the typical wool berets and caps of the island of Corvo.
The berets and caps, best known as “barretas”, are made with sheep’s wool, in which the traditional color is a dark blue with a strip of decorative motifs in white.
Rosa Mendoça, trying to keep up with the market trends, also produces more contemporary pieces, inspired by the colors and decorative motifs used in the berets of Corvo.

Opening Hours: Every day from 9am to 5pm

Address: Caminho da Horta Funda, Vila Nova do Corvo
9980-035 Corvo (Map)

Phone: 292596133 / 917763019

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.osmeustrabalhos-rosa.blogspot.com

Handicraft Products: Berets and typical wool caps from Corvo, Wood locks from Corvo, bags, wallets, purses, Wrist watch bracelets, key rings, among others.