Quintal dos Açores

“Quintal dos Açores” is a small family business, founded in 1997 by Fernando Sousa and Helena Sousa, who have prospered and diversified their products, for nearly two decades.
With crop fields of their own they produce a wide variety of jams, honey, peppers, tanneries and regional spices.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm

Address: Rua da Canadinha, 20 A, Candelária

9555-020 Ponta Delgada (Map)

Phone: 296295026/960410276

Email: [email protected]



Sweets: strawberry with apple, loquat, tomatoes, passion fruit tomato, grape, pumpkin, blackberry, pineapple, araçal, sweet potatoes, Physalis, squash, figs, figs with apple, guava, gooseberry, strawberry.

Jellies: pineapple, passion fruit, piri-piri and grape

Pickles: onions, Quail eggs, chili vinegar, salt pepper, piri-piri with Bago, tanned lupine, lupins spiced with piri-piri.

Categories: Dona Pimentinha, honey.