Pedro Melo Lindo

It is in a small space, in his own house, where he manufactures the typical Locks of Corvo, in the center of Vila do Corvo.

The wooden locks, all done by hand, in the “old fashioned” way, like those used in the old days on doors and in the so-called “palheiros”, traditional on the island, without machinery and only with a razor, sandpaper and the use of a few more methods or machines, demonstrating in this way, the true lock, using cedar and reusing materials.

Pedro Melo Lindo also manufactures other wooden objects such as key rings and magnets, all in the shape of the typical wooden lock of the island of Corvo.


Opening hours: Every day: 9 am – 4 pm

Address: Rua do Rego, S/N, 9980-022 Corvo

Phone: 927975461

Types of Products: Typical Locks of Corvo

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