Panificação Urzelinense

“Espécies”, typical sweets of the island of São Jorge, owes its name to the variety of spices containing such as fennel, cinnamon and allspice.. The Bakery “Urzelinense” began its activity in 1969, passing from generation to generation in order to keep alive the confectioners traditions of this island, producing today a series of sweets, with special emphasis on the “Espécies”.


Opening Hours: Sunday to Friday from 8pm to 4am and from 8am to 3pm (after these hours only with appointment).

Address: Rua da Feteira, S/Nº, Urzelina

9800-426 Velas (Map)

Phone: 295412289/927470543

Email: [email protected]

Products: Manufacture of bread, cakes, pastries and confectionery, “espécies”, “suspiros” (meringues), coconut cakes, milk cakes, bean cakes, almond cakes, muffins, dry cakes (cream, almond, coconut)