Padaria, Pastelaria Maria Alice Sousa

Maria Alice began making the traditional “Espécies”, typical of the island of São Jorge, when she was around 12 years of age at the great festivities of the Holy Spirit. Currently she has a bakery and a pastry shop which not only manufactures various kinds of traditional sweets but also innovative such  as “cavacas”, “cabaças” (calabashes) and Holy Spirit doves, using the same dough and filling of the “Espécies”.


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 24 hours a day.

Address: Vale Frio, Ribeira Seca

9850-286 Calheta (Map)

Phone: 295416529/912364875

Email: [email protected]

Products: Manufacture of “Espécies”, Eve cakes, “charutos”, “esquecidos”, white ring-shaped cookies, ring-shaped cookies of “Espécie”, ring-shaped butter cookies, ring-shaped boiled cookies.