Oficina – Museu das Capelas

The Workshop – Museum of Capelas was founded in 1998 by Manuel João Melo. This is an ethnographic museum where you can see a private collection of pieces related to Traditional arts and crafts of the Azores.
In this workshop the live work of small figurines and weaving are the main attractions, where you can acquire these and other handmade products in their store.
Fish Scale works certified by the brand “Artesanatos dos Açores” (Handicraft of the Azores).


Opening Hours: From Monday to Saturday from 9am to 12pm and from 13pm to 6pm

Address: Rua do Loural, 56, Capelas

9545-137 Ponta Delgada (Map)

Phone: 296298202

Email: [email protected]

Products: Frames and domes with fish scale works, fig three pit, onion and garlic peels, Nativity Scene figurines, “Lapinha” Christmas Crib figurines, “Lapinha” Christmas Cribs, weaving.