O Quadradinho

Maria Cristina Borges is a multifaceted artisan, working in various areas of handicrafts, such as fish scale, ceramics and tiles in a traditional aspect or in a more contemporary aspect.
In ceramics, she produces pottery pieces and others glazed in white, using traditional artistic motifs.
In bijouterie she uses very unique raw materials, such as basalt stones, fish scales and the seeds of the typical “Terço dos Romeiros” (the rosary of the Pilgrims).
She founded in October of the year 2000 Criaçores – Craftsmen Association of the island of S. Miguel.
In 2007, under the National Crafts Awards, she participated with a piece of contemporary ceramics, being awarded an Honorable Mention.
She has a shop/store and a workshop where she teaches classes of Ceramics and tiles.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 12:30pm and from 2pm to 5:30pm

Address: Rua da Boa Vista nº 13, Vila de Rabo de Peixe

9600-150 Ribeira Grande (Map)

Phone: 296491467/962605091

Email: [email protected]


Products: Decorative and utilitarian pieces of ceramics and pottery, tiles, bijouterie in fish scale.