Manuel Alves Gonçalves

Manuel Gonçalves dedicates his craft activity to the creation of miniatures linked to the history of the whaling village of Lajes do Pico.
The objects that he executes are made from the teeth of sperm whales and whale bone, according to the ancient techniques of “Scrimshaw”, namely engraving and sculpture.
The whalebone handicraft is considered one of the symbols of the Azores and is one of the last legacies from whale hunting, an activity that was vital to the economy of many islands for decades.

Opening Hours: Sunday through Saturday, from 9am to 00am

Address: Rua Engenheiro Falcão S/N

9930-147 Lajes do Pico (Map)

Phone: 292672264/917356828

Email: [email protected]

Products: Decorative objects, costume jewelry, paper knives, calendars, Christmas cribs, key rings.