Dulçores – Panificação e Doçaria, LDA

Sara Marques and Carla Silveira founded Dulçores in 2010, which is dedicated to the production of handmade sweets.
With the idea of bringing traditional products beyond, this small business manufactures a wide range of sweets, from the “massa sovada” (sweet bread) – the so-called “biscoito” to the “Espécies”, always with a very own identity and a very contemporary product packaging design.


Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday from 6pm to 8am

Address: Canada dos Vales

9850-257 Calheta, São Jorge (Map)

Phone: 295416904/962771592

Email: [email protected]

ProductsManufacture of cakes, sweets and confectionery, highlighting the “Massa Sovada” and the “Espécies”.