Cooperativa Celeiro da Terra

The Cooperativa Celeiro da Terra was founded in 1998, in the County of Povoação, in order to promote the access to training and professional integration, support the work of local artisans and producers and to the marketing of handicraft products.
The Cooperative Celeiro da Terra’s main activities are the production of biscuits, jams, liqueurs and embroidery. The elaborate food products, made by hand, with local raw materials, harvested from the fields and gardens of the county’s gardens are confectioned using traditional knowledge.
Embroidery certified by the Brand Artesanato dos Açores (Handicraft of the Azores).


Factory and Store

Opening Hours: Segunda a Quinta das 8h às 17h, Sexta das 8h às 16h

Address: Estrada Regional – Lomba do Alcaide

9650-213 Povoação (Map)



Address: Largo da Caldeiras

9675-045 Furnas (Map)


Phone: 296559244/962413704

Email: [email protected]


 Products: Embroidery in “matiz”, biscuits, liqueurs and jams.