Casa dos Moinhos do Artesanato

The Casa dos Moinhos do Artesanato is an old house, with two mills, one of wheat and one of corn, which were in operation until 2008.
Currently, it is open to the public, where you can see an exhibition of pieces and old utensils, linked to popular art and the Azorean countryside.
The store features typical products of the Azores, such as embroidery in “matiz” and folklore costumes, executed with the manual skill of the artisan Maria Resendes, liqueurs, ceramics and corn leaf and banana leaf dolls.
Embroidery certified by the collective brand Artesanato dos Açores (Handicraft of the Azores).

(Winter) Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm

(Summer) Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm (With Appointment)

Address: Casa dos Moinhos do Artesanato, Fonte Nova, 11

9650-340 Povoação (Map)

Phone: 296585417/965396734

Email: [email protected]

Products: Embroidery in “matiz” for the home, typical costume shirts embroidered in “matiz” and  folklore costumes.