Casa do Portinho

Casa do Portinho is dedicated to the artisanal manufacture of smoked fish and genuine and innovative preserves of various fish products, whose raw material is captured in the Azores in a sustainable way. Assuming the commitment to only use species whose stocks are in a good state of conservation, we intend to value and keep alive the traditions of our regional fishing through the elaboration of products with “Azorean soul” that provide our customers with unique gastronomic experiences.


-Hours: 9am to 5pm

-Address: Canada do Reguinho nº 16 (Quinta dos Cedros), 9700-163 São Bento

-Phones: 967461369 / 295213113

-Email: [email protected]

-Site/Facebook: Casa do Portinho – O Único Peixe Fumado dos Açores

-Types of Products: Peixe fumado e conservas