Artesanato Terra Mar

It all started almost two decades ago for José Serpa with the construction of string instruments. In his workshop, you will find, among others, the famous Viola da Terra (in the two versions, micaelense and terceirence), he’s greatest production. This instrument, which was brought to the islands at the time of the settlement, still carrying medieval sounds, has become throughout the centuries a vehicle for recording, transporting and promotion of the cultural experience of the Azorean people.

In addition to the more traditional string instruments, you can find original instruments made of various woods such as mahogany from Honduras, Indian Rose wood, red cedar, myrica faya, maple, rosewood, among others.

Opening Hours: Service by appointment

Address: Costa do Lajedo, S / N
9960-330 Lajes das Flores (Map)

Phone: 292542336

Email: [email protected]


Products: Stringed instruments (mainly the Viola da Terra); Costume jewelry with bone and horn.