Anabela Santos – Baú d’avó 

My activity predominantly focuses on the creation of lace articles executed in fine lines. From a very early age I learned, with my mother, the art of transforming, using a needle, cotton thread into crochet pieces. I really like to use fine lines, with special emphasis on line nº 20, since it is a more beautiful work. The pieces I produce can be doilies, fabric pieces in which I use this type of technique, among these pieces I can highlight the stones wrapped in crochet, magnets, threads or necklaces, bags, bags, cotton, towels, among others. The innovation in the pieces I make is in the application of fine lines and the reuse of fabric scraps to build the most diverse objects, an aspect that must be instilled in all generations so that natural resources can be preserved and the costs incurred in the manufacture of new products can be reduced. Thus, it is possible to preserve the memory of a certain fabric / fabric rest by transforming it into another simple object such as a purse or a bag.

Hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm

Address: Rua/Canada do Porto da Casa

Telephones: 917 015 061

Email: [email protected]

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