Aldevina Serpa

Aldevina Serpa is an artisan dedicated to the production of embroidery, lace and patchwork.
The patchwork stands out of all her handicraft works, better known on the island of Terceira as “trabalhos loucos” (crazy works), for the imagination and perfection. Her work distinguishes itself for the profusion of color, richness of fabrics and abstract composition, giving a unique and original imprint to the patchwork.

Opening Hours: Service by appointment

Address: Rua dos Canos Verdes, 126, Sé

9700-040 Angra do Heroísmo (Map)

Phone: 295213543/917144593

Email: [email protected]

Produtos: Towels, doilies, embroidered placemats; bedspreads, picnic blankets, bags, purses, wallets, dampers, placemats, decorative panels in patchwork, bedsheet bars in lace.