A Folha de Milho

Paulo Melo produces handicraft works using as raw material the leaves lining the cobs and the beards of corn, highlighting especially the dolls, whose collection has a huge variety of designs.
In Ribeira dos Caldeirões, in the parish of Salga, he has his studio/shop where you can view and purchase these handmade products from the Azores.
Store 01 and Atelier

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm

Address: Rua de São João, 178, Salga

9630-284 Nordeste (Mapa)


Loja 02

Opening Hours: Sunday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm

Address: Ribeira dos Caldeirões

9630 Achadinha – Nordeste (Mapa)

Phone: 296462008/961225226

Email: [email protected]



Produtos: Corn leaf dolls, rugs, hats, flowers, Christmas cribs and costume jewelry.