29 September, 2016,

The uniqueness and the enormous wealth of the Azores Embroidery are the reason for its systematic dissemination and consequent promotion, since it is a product with certificate of origin and quality since 1998. With texts of Alexandra Andrade and graphic designs from José Carlos Silva, this book shows us some examples of undoubted patrimonial value […]

29 September, 2016,

This publication is intended to, once again, promote, spread and increase the value of older and even some of the most primitive techniques of working with clay that in the Azores is sublimated in traditional pottery, tile factories, faience industries and also in domestic production units. It’s one more certified production under the collective brand […]

September 29, 2016,

The cult of Senhor Santo Cristo dos Milagres, of great devotion and attraction, is also the reason for the creation of the “Registo”, a beautiful piece in homage to the patron. It was the monastic work of the Sanctuary nuns, competent in many of the manual arts. Nowadays it´s a piece of interest for many […]