Newsletter July 2021



CRAA launches Hands on Azores Crafts – Hands on Azores Crafts

In July, the Regional Center for Handicrafts (CRAA) launches Hands on Azores Crafts – A Guide of the Azorean Handicrafts.

Hands on Azores Crafts is an offer of itineraries and handicraft experiences that introduces the artisans of the Azores and allows the discovery and direct experimentation of the ancient and unique know-how of the people of the Archipelago.

These routes comprise more than 100 artisanal production units from different areas, spread across the nine islands. Those who visit the Azores can plan their trip in advance by integrating these itineraries into their program to get to know the traditional arts and crafts.

Hands on Azores Crafts intends to stimulate cultural tourism in the handicraft sector, conquering the foreign market with a differentiating offer of tourist experience in which direct contact with craft activities is promoted and its products are publicized, namely those certified under the brand “Azores Crafts”, which are part of the region’s cultural heritage.

In addition to visits to the workshops of artisans, it is intended to promote activities and short-term workshops, allowing the public to experience the unique knowledge and techniques of regional handicrafts.

This was a project also developed in partnership with GRATER – Regional Development Association, through the Craft&Art – Capacitar pela Inovação project, under the Interreg Mac 2014-2020 Program.

They will be distributed in tourist offices and kiosks throughout the archipelago, small leaflets containing a QR code from which you can access information on the routes of each island, or you can consult the CRAA website at http://artesanato. .


Azorean artisans participate in NY Now Digital Market

For the first time, artisans from the Azores will participate in the NY Now Digital Market (, which runs from July 1st to December 31st with 13 Artisanal Production Units.

This online showcase, which has more than 300 thousand visitors, allows the exhibition of handcrafted products to new markets and the promotion of its products and brands to new audiences. Leonardes & Filho Lda, Zsombor Keresztes, Romeu Bettencourt, Sara Schanderl, Isabel Silva Melo, Adolfo Mendonça, Maria João Silveira, Hugo Raposo, Fábio Oliveira, Silvia Teixeira, Carolina Moreira, Escola Regional de Artesanato de Santo Amaro and Oficina Museu das Capelas, embraced this challenge that will allow their products to be advertised for 6 months to a diverse group of experienced resellers and specialized buyers in search of highlights for their stores. NY Now Digital Market will allow artisans and shoppers to be personally connected by placing orders directly from artisans, every day, 24 hours a day.

Visit the NY Now Digital Market event at .


Confection of “Espécies” Workshop
Location: Empresa de Panificação Urzelinense
Date: 5 to 9 of July, From 3pm to 6pm
Registrations (until 30 July): 295 412 216 / /