Lace of the Azores – Islands of Pico and Faial

“Rendas dos Açores – Ilhas do Pico e do Faial” is the published result of a partnership project between the Regional Secretariat of Economy, through the Regional Centre for Handicrafts, the Association for the Regional Development, Adeliaçor, and the Association for the the Development of Patrimony, the “Alvião”, which in 2004 aimed at the promotion of artistic crochet of Pico and Faial and included a series of four exhibitions of antique lace of the Azores, in the islands of Terceira, Pico, Faial and São Miguel. The main objective was to value a handmade production of quality and origin certified since 2000 and, as such, part of a cultural heritage to preserve.

The various aspects surrounding this production, which reached its heyday in the 50’s of the last century, from the geographic framework and its demographic and socio-economic constraints to production and marketing processes, and even the description of technical details, are illustrated by representative images of a history that deserved disclosure in this technical publication that had the special collaboration of authors like Norberta Amorim, Alberto Correia and Teresa Perdigão.