The Government of the Azores promotes a Residência Criativa for innovation in handicrafts

The Vice-Presidency of the Government, through the Regional Center for Handicrafts (CRAA) and in partnership with Grater, promotes until November 5th, in the island of Terceira, the first phase of Residência Criativa in wood inlays, within the project Craft & Arts, which runs until December.

The project “Craft & Art – Empowering by Innovation”, proposes a formative approach to artisanal activities, based on the development of entrepreneurship and innovation skills, which allow artisanal companies a larger diversification and differentiation of products.

This regional initiative, aims to contribute to the development of innovation projects based on the most emblematic traditional arts and crafts of the Azores.

In this sense, this Residência Criativa, which takes place in the workshops of the artisans and in the premises of Grater, aims to promote the creation of differentiated artisanal products, based on an endogenous resource transversal to all the islands, wood, promoting a greater notoriety and, consequently, a greater appreciation and more business opportunities, through the conquest of new markets beyond traditional ones.

The creations that will result from this Residence will subsequently have a development and production phase and will be available from December, thus, helping to boost this sector.

The Residência Criativa on wood inlay counts with a multidisciplinary team made up of two handicraft production units on the arts on inlays and wood, the product designer Susana António and also with the collaboration of the regional directorates of Forest Resources and Environment.