Serviço de Orientação – SOCA

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The attributions and competences of the Regional Center for Handicrafts converge in the achievement of a general and common objective, the appreciation of the Arts and Traditional Crafts of the Azores.

Pursuing this objective means to work ceaselessly for the qualification of craftsmen at the level of knowledge and techniques, for the promotion of product quality, for the development of artisanal micro-enterprises and for the dignification of the status of artisans and handicraft production units.

In addition to the economic development support, the Regional Center for Handicrafts has the responsibility to promote artisanal products with added cultural value, between tradition and innovation through the implementation of handicraft training actions and support the quality of production, through certification. In this sense, the Creative Guidance Service for Handicrafts – SOCA was created, which will be provided by CRAA designer Sara Schanderl on Wednesdays from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m..

The objective of this service is to give creative guidance in the production of innovative handicraft products, different production lines, as well as support in the promotion of the product, marketing techniques, in order to raise the quality of the handicraft product and to promote the Handicrafts of the Azores.

It should be noted that SOCA is above all available to the artisans and production units already registered at CRAA.