Other Trainings

The functions and responsibilities of the Regional Centre for Handicrafts converge in achieving a general and common goal – the appreciation of Arts and the Azores Traditional Crafts. Pursuing this goal means working for the qualification of the artisans at the level of knowledge and techniques for promoting the quality of products and services, the development of craft microbusinesses and for the dignification of the artisan status and the craft production units.

In addition to supporting economic development, the Regional Centre for Handicrafts has a responsibility to promote the handmade product with increased cultural value, between tradition and innovation, through the realization of handicraft training activities that have strengthen the transmission of knowledge and stimulate creativity as a goal.

The craftsmanship training answers the most pressing needs of the market, while contributing to the formation of a new generation of artisans endowed with technical and scientific knowledge, always allied to traditional knowledge of entrepreneurship, associative spirit and teaching skills, to ensure the transmission of traditional knowledge and techniques, particularly in areas that currently are at serious risk of extinction.

The training is a bet on the revitalization of traditional crafts, characteristic of each island, in the qualification of artisans and recreating more contemporary products, either through the annual project “Hora do Ofício” (Office Time), either by supporting ethnographic and cultural groups that also make efforts in this direction.

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